UseNuxt – a comprehensive SaaS starter project



Free / Open Source

Use Case:

The UseNuxt template is your go-to resource for simplifying web development. It’s not just a codebase; it’s a learning tool that guides you through modern web project practices. By using UseNuxt, you can save valuable time during development.


  • Tech Stack: Built with Typescript, UseNuxt includes a Stripe payment system, a PostgreSQL database schema in Drizzle ORM, Lucia Auth login, and UI components.
  • Setup: Easy to get started by cloning the repository and adding your environment variables.
  • Updates: Access all future integrations, components, and features through the GitHub repository.

UseNuxt is perfect for developers aiming to speed up their web development without compromising quality. It’s ideal for various online projects, offering essential features like payment systems, database schemas, authentication, and UI components.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer looking to boost your workflow or a beginner eager to learn modern web development, UseNuxt provides a solid foundation and practical guidance for creating successful online ventures.