T3 – streamline the setup of Next.js apps

T3 nextjs app cli tool image

The create-t3-app is a CLI tool that helps streamline the setup of typesafe Next.js apps without compromising modularity. It provides a lightly opinionated, heavily optimized approach to creating applications using React, which is the industry standard.The tech stack used includes:

  • Next.js
  • Prisma (for working with databases in TypeScript)
  • TypeScript (to help developers be better web developers with its “strictness”)
  • Tailwind CSS (a utility-first CSS framework for building beautiful, responsive designs)
  • tRPC (for flexible, secure, and scalable auth)
  • NextAuth.js (for managing users and sessions)

The tool is not an all-inclusive template, and developers are expected to bring their own libraries. It takes what you want and nothing more, allowing you to build your app with the best of the full-stack TypeScript ecosystem. The create-t3-app is designed to be used by developers who want to create full-stack, typesafe Next.js apps quickly and efficiently. It provides a community for getting help, sharing projects, and even contributing to the project