SveltePack – The ultimate SvelteKit Boilerplates

Sveltekit Boilerplate for projects landing page image

Sveltepack is a boilerplate for quickly launching SvelteKit projects. It provides a pre-built stack with authentication, payments, emails, and support integration to help developers save time on repetitive tasks and get to profitability faster.Key features of Sveltepack include:

  • SvelteKit boilerplate with authentication and database integration
  • Stripe payment processing
  • Email and support ticket handling
  • Hotswappable styling
  • Hosting tutorial
  • SEO and blogging tools
  • Reusable components, animations and sections
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Lifetime updates

Sveltepack aims to help indie hackers and developers to be more efficient by eliminating the need to build common features from scratch for each new project