Supastarter – Starterkit for Nextjs and Nuxtjs

supastarter nextjs and nuxtjs startkit

Supastarter is a comprehensive SaaS boilerplate that empowers indie hackers, startups, and developers to expedite the process of launching their SaaS applications with ease and efficiency.

This robust template offers two distinct kits:
Next.js SaaS Starter Kit and the Nuxt SaaS Starter Kit,
both meticulously crafted to provide a production-ready setup for SaaS applications.

At the core of Supastarter’s functionality lies a flexible and scalable API layer powered by trpc, ensuring seamless communication between the frontend and backend components. Leveraging serverless functions, Supastarter optimizes performance and scalability, while supporting a variety of databases including Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, and more through the integration of Prisma.

The tech stack employed by Supastarter is cutting-edge, featuring Next.js 14 for streamlined app routing and Nuxt 3 for those seeking an alternative framework option. This template goes beyond the basics, offering integrations with Lemonsqueezy and Stripe for secure payment processing, as well as Lucia-auth for robust authentication capabilities.

Designed to be a time-saving solution, Supastarter equips developers with essential features such as authentication, internationalization, billing, and pre-configured mail templates. By providing a solid foundation for SaaS application development, Supastarter enables creators to focus on refining their core business ideas and delivering exceptional user experiences.

Whether you plan to start a small-scale project or aiming for rapid scalability to serve millions of users, Supastarter caters to diverse needs with its customizable nature and comprehensive feature set. With a commitment to efficiency, flexibility, and innovation, Supastarter paves the way for accelerated SaaS development, empowering creators to bring their visions to life in record time.

See what Supastarter looks like and how to set it up from the creator: