SaaSRock – Remix boilerplate

SaasRock- remix boilerplate

SaasRock is a rock-solid Remix boilerplate that provides over 25 built-in SaaS features to help you build your MVP quickly. It includes an Admin Portal, App Portal, Authentication, Stripe Subscriptions, Workflows, Blog, Knowledge Base, Entity Builder, Events, Email Marketing, Page Blocks, Notifications, Onboarding, Feature Flags, and more. It is designed to be highly customizable and scalable, making it an excellent choice for building complex SaaS applications.

Use Cases:

  • Quickly build a SaaS MVP with a robust set of features
  • Leverage the power of Remix, Tailwind CSS, and Prisma to create modern, performant web applications
  • Integrate with Stripe, Postmark, and Zapier to handle payments, email, and custom workflows
  • Customize the boilerplate to fit your specific business requirements
  • Scale your SaaS application as your user base and feature set grows

Hear about SaasRock from the creator: