SaaS Pegasus

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Pegasus is designed for building SaaS applications and can be used for various purposes such as building websites and apps, creating products and services, processing payments, managing teams and accounts, providing notifications and APIs, and supporting multiple languages and internationalization.Here are some specific details about the template:

  • User Accounts: SaaS Pegasus includes user accounts with features such as login, registration, password reset, and account management.
  • Teams and Invitations: The template includes team management with features such as team creation, team invitations, and team member management.
  • Subscriptions: SaaS Pegasus includes subscription management with features such as subscription creation, subscription management, and subscription cancellation.
  • E-commerce Store: The template includes an e-commerce store with features such as product management, order management, and payment processing.
  • OpenAI Examples: SaaS Pegasus includes openAI examples with features such as text generation, image generation, and chatbots.
  • Multiple CSS Themes: The template includes multiple CSS themes with features such as customizable layouts, colors, and fonts.
  • Choice of Front-end Frameworks: SaaS Pegasus includes a choice of front-end frameworks such as React, HTMX, and Tailwind CSS.
  • Async and Websocket Support: The template includes async and websocket support with features such as real-time updates, live updates, and live chat.
  • Built-in TypeScript/JavaScript and Sass/CSS Build Pipeline: SaaS Pegasus includes a built-in TypeScript/JavaScript and Sass/CSS build pipeline with features such as code compilation, code optimization, and code minification.
  • Example Charts: The template includes example charts with features such as data visualization, data analysis, and data reporting.
  • Email Sending: SaaS Pegasus includes email sending with features such as email templates, email scheduling, and email tracking.
  • Error Monitoring: The template includes error monitoring with features such as error tracking, error reporting, and error analysis.
  • Deployment: SaaS Pegasus is deployed using Netlify with features such as automatic deployment, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.
  • Documentation: The template includes comprehensive documentation with features such as user guides, developer guides, and technical guides

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