Jumpstart – A Ruby on Rails SaaS template

The Jumpstart Pro template is a Ruby on Rails SaaS template designed to help entrepreneurs and developers build products quickly and efficiently. It is built with the latest Ruby on Rails technology and follows Rails best practices to ensure ease of understanding and learning. The template comes with a staging environment, allowing users to test and customize their applications before launching them to production. It also supports multitenancy, internationalization, and comes with translations for several languages out of the box.

Here are some key features and functionalities of Jumpstart Pro:

  • Accounts & Teams: Jumpstart Pro includes a robust accounts and teams system that allows for user-specific or multi-user resource scoping. Users can have many accounts, some of which they may be the owner of and others of which they may be members.
  • Billing: Jumpstart Pro supports flexible billing options, including multiple payment processors, subscriptions, and one-time payments.
  • JavaScript: The template features Stimulus.js for efficient JavaScript handling and automatic page reloads for a streamlined development process.
  • Roles: Jumpstart Pro includes customizable roles for account access control, allowing for fine-grained control over account functionalities.
  • Tailwind CSS: The template comes with a preconfigured Tailwind CSS configuration for easy UI component customization and automatic style purging.
  • Documentation: Jumpstart Pro provides comprehensive documentation for its core features and functionalities, including guides on setting up accounts, billing, JavaScript handling, roles, and more.
  • Security: Jumpstart Pro emphasizes security by storing and analyzing content indefinitely and allowing for content removal at the discretion of GoRails.

Hear more about the template, directly from the creator: