Boilerbay – Next.Js SaaS Bundle To Launch Apps

Boilerbay - nestjs saas boilerplate

BoilerBay offers a Next.js SaaS Bundle that includes landing & waitlist pages with an already setup SaaS boilerplate with every feature you need to get started.

It covers everything from authentication to payments with Stripe, and includes features like waitlist pages, landing pages, user dashboard & setting, SEO setup, Stripe integration, transactional emails, magic link & Oauth authentication, database setup, lifetime updates, features by request, and a discord community. The bundle is designed to save time and energy for founders and teams building a startup.

This template is suitable for founders and teams looking to launch a SaaS product quickly and efficiently. It covers all the necessary features and integrations needed for a successful SaaS product, including authentication, payments, landing pages, user dashboard, and more.

The template is also designed to be SEO ready, making it easier to attract and convert potential customers. The added bonus of AI features makes it a powerful tool for any SaaS product.