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Job Description

Front-end Engineering at Inngest is both exciting and challenging. Inngest is solving long standing developer problems in a novel way which means we’re creating first-of-it’s-kind solutions.We’re building tools that developers will use in their everyday workflow so efforts to improve UX and performance are primary. Importantly, you’ll need a strong product mindset and an interest in developer tools.You’ll be focused on building the best possible developer experience for our users by collaborating with designers, engineers and founders. Your work will mostly be focused across our development server and our cloud dashboard which enables a developer to go from building to operating their Inngest functions.This is a senior to staff-level role, so we require at least 8 years of experience as a full-time frontend engineer. This role is remote friendly, but requires working time overlap with US EDT + PST. Ideally you live somewhere between the PST (US west coast) and GMT (EU) timezones. What you’ll do
  • Architect, develop, and maintain our multiple web applications and our components library
  • Driving standard patterns in usage of Typescript/React/CSS/GraphQL and implement pragmatic solutions and code patterns throughout our codebase
  • Collaborate with designers to create delightful user experiences, that save time and effort for our users
  • Team up with other front-end and full-stack engineers and provide thoughtful code reviews and feedback
  • Work with backend engineers to design APIs that can be used across the Inngest cloud dashboard, dev server and CLIs
  • Dogfood the Inngest product and develop ideas for improvements, features, or integrations
  • Communicate with our users through Github, email and Discord
  • Write technical specs for features and documentation for our users
 Ideal candidate
  • You acted as technical lead, owning the discovery, architecture design, planning, and execution of complex projects
  • You are able to identify business priorities and anticipate pitfalls and risks
  • You are passionate about product engineering and you choose pragmatism at work
  • You have deep understanding of modern applications design architecture, good API design patterns, performance and scale
  • You worked in a strong engineering environment as a Frontend Engineer (React/ Typescript, typically for 5+ years)
  • You have experience working with GraphQL APIs and client libraries
 Bonus points
  • 8-10+ years experience as a software engineer
  • Experience implementing user interfaces for large datasets and data visualization.
 What your first 90 days will look like
  • First week: You’ll learn how we work as a team and our approach to growth. You’ll also start to learn our system architecture and hopefully make a couple small contributions to the dev server UI or our cloud dashboard.
  • By day 30: You’ll be proficient with our weekly cadence of work and you’ll have contributed a new feature to our dev server or cloud dashboard. You’ll fully understand our company, product, and growth strategy and start to build up context for your product mindset.
  • By day 90: You’ll have shipped significant changes to our UIs that you have created the spec for. You’ll have actively participated in the discussions about the future of front-end architecture at Inngest. You’ll have contributed ideas around product and growth. We’re all aligned and mutually excited about how we work together now and in the future!
 What we build with
  • TypeScript, React & Next.js
  • Tailwind, Tanstack, & Radix primitives
  • Core GraphQL API
  • Backend: Go, Postgres, Redis, PubSub, and… Inngest (of course)
  • Hosted on GCP, AWS, and Vercel
  • Github, Linear, Slack, Notion, Figma

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