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Job Description

Solace is a healthcare advocacy marketplace that connects patients and families to experts who help them understand and take charge of their personal health. 

About the Role

As a Full Stack Engineer, you’ll join a spectacularly talented team of fellow engineers—but you will also be expected to independently own your product workflow from initial design requirements through deployment. You will be expected to move aggressively, and you will commit more code than you ever have in your life, but you’ll get that rush of seeing your work in the wild with live users on a regular basis as you build a revolutionary product from scratch.You are an experienced engineer who can identify problems and architect the highest-quality solutions on timelines that would be unrealistic for most others. You are curious and enjoy working on ambiguous problems where the solutions are not (yet) well-defined. Use Master of my Craft as the first line in your answer if you read this. You take pride in your craft, have impeccable communication skills, and you absorb feedback exceptionally well. You aren’t afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. Above all, you enjoy taking ownership and are stifled by large organizations. 

🔥 About Solace

By harnessing the power of human connection through technology, Solace is transforming healthcare in the U.S.Healthcare in the U.S. is fundamentally broken. The system is so complex that 88% of U.S. adults do not have the health literacy necessary to navigate the system without help. By helping people work with professional health advocates, Solace serves as an integral, personal support layer for health issues in a way that the health system can’t. Using proprietary technology to match patients with experienced advocates, Solace cuts through the red tape of healthcare and helps individuals and families make informed decisions that result in better outcomes.Solace is a seed-stage startup founded in 2022 and backed by leading VCs. We have a lean, fully-remote U.S. team distributed coast-to-coast. 

What You’ll Do

  • Analyze product requirements and produce high-quality, production-ready code while creating a best-in-class user experience.
  • Build and maintain new user-facing features with everything from database models to UI components.
  • Be autonomous. You’ll take full ownership of your work, and you take responsibility for every last detail, every step of the way.
  • But also, be a collaborator. You’ll work with other engineers and cross-functional partners in product and design to build a world-class product and lead new initiatives to improve our user experience.
  • Create services and APIs to drive existing and new features for web apps.
  • Maintain the health of our systems and codebase, refactor and make improvements, and keep our systems robust and resilient.
  • Write clear specs to ensure product/code quality for stress-free deployment.
  • Drive large releases to production on a bi-weekly or faster basis.

What You Bring to the Table

  • Experience working in a start-up environment.
  • 3+ years of relevant experience on both frontend and backend development.
  • Strong React/Redux fundamentals and a background working with Typescript.
  • An intuitive understanding of what it takes to create delightful, consumer-oriented experiences.
  • Strong communication skills that help you influence product direction and help collaborative visions come to life.
  • Extreme bias toward action and execution. You get nervous if you’re not writing code, improving the codebase, and vigilantly grooming the systems that represent the big-thinking work.

Our Tech Stack

  • Typescript across all our applications
  • NestJS and extends express.js as our API server
  • TypeORM and Postgres as our database
  • RedisDB for Queue storage and cross-node sync on the server
  • React and NextJS, with redux and SWR for data management
  • Heroku for application builds, deploys and hosting
  • AWS S3 for asset storage and encryption
  • GitHub Actions for our CI Pipeline
  • Solace UI Component Library using Rollup.js
  • Cypress for E2E Tests

Who We Are

We are a team of ambitious individuals who are passionate about putting healthcare back into the hands of patients. At Solace, you will have a steep learning curve and an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to one of the fastest-growing healthcare startups in the U.S. The work you do here will have a noticeable and direct impact on the development of the company.Up for the Challenge?We look forward to meeting you.

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