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As a DevOps engineer, you will be supporting production and development environments, from creating new and improving existing tools and processes to automating deployment and monitoring procedures, leading continuous integration effort, administering source control systems, deploying and maintaining production infrastructure and applications.The Role:
  • Advocate for a DevOps culture of automation, self-service, and engineering best practices to enable development teams
  • Facilitate the security baked into our cloud infrastructure for our applications and customer data
  • Perform SRE activities such as availability and reliability monitoring and reporting and respond to alerts to return systems to full operations
  • Automate infrastructure deployments, writing infrastructure as code (IaC) for provisioning and scaling resources
  • Assist in ensuring security best practices are followed and customer data is secured
  • Collaborate with development and support teams to deploy and manage cloud-based applications and resolve issues
  • Propose and implement improvements to cloud operations processes
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree or equivalent
  • 5+ years of experience in SRE, DevOps, or Cloud Infrastructure/Operations Engineering
  • Understanding of debugging tools for troubleshooting performance bottlenecks at the infrastructure or at the application tier.
  • Understanding of security weaknesses, exploits, attacks and mitigations
  • Solid understanding of Cloud networking and security
  • Proficiency in infrastructure as code (IaC) and configuration management tools. (e.g, Terraform, Ansible)
  • Expert knowledge in containerization and orchestration technologies (e.g., Docker Kubernetes)
  • Experience in deploying and troubleshooting Java based applications and microservices.
  • Coding ability. You will sometimes write production Python/Go code, security peer review code, build proofs of concept or implement automation scripts
  • Experience with most of the following: AWS security tools (GuardDuty, AWS Config, CloudTrail), Terraform, ECS or EKS, DataDog or similar tools, Secrets Management, SIEM

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