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Job Description

Halborn is looking for a Back End Developer who embodies the phrase “computer science is the art and science of solving problems through code”. Responsibilities will include architecting APIs, microservices, and integrations with external partners. You will work with the entire product team and play a vital role in ensuring that all of the products coming out of Halborn Labs meet UX, security, and scalability needs.

What You’ll Do

  • Architect and develop scalable APIs and microservices
  • Architect and develop robust integrations with our service partners
  • Connect those APIs to our front-end products and orchestrate clean communication between each microservice
  • Work alongside product management to ensure each product meets spec as well as assist in new product development
  • Work alongside QA to ensure all components meet automated testing criteria
  • Maintain and improve our existing codebase

Tech Stack + Skills

  • NodeJS for our back end services
  • React + NextJS for our front end products
  • Tailwind as our base CSS library
  • Postgres as our database
  • Experience with REST API architecture required
  • Vercel for hosting serverless functions and front end products
  • AWS for microservices and object storage
  • GitHub for our code repository
  • Basic understanding of SEO, user tracking, and other general web principles and practices

Nice to Have

  • Experience with various DevOps skills (setting up VMs, working with build processes, etc)
  • Experience with other coding and scripting languages, particularly Python
  • Experience with any Web3 wallets (MetaMask, Keplr Wallet, etc)
  • Experience with smart contract languages and concepts

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