How to Hire Developer effectively for Startups

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The quest for skilled developers for your startup requires a strategic and diversified approach. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deeper into three distinct avenues for hiring developers for your early-stage startup.

We will segment this into three for easier understanding.
Partnering with Agencies, Exploring Freelance Platform and Direct Recruitment.

Each avenue offers unique advantages, and understanding the intricacies of each can help you to make informed decisions tailored to your startup needs.

1.  Budget Considerations while hiring a developer

Man and women doing budget planning

Alright, let’s talk about hiring! It’s not just about finding the perfect match; it’s also about keeping your budget in good spirits. Before you venture into the hiring journey, let’s take a closer look at the financial side of things. Ready? Let’s break it down.

1.1 Assess Your Financial Landscape

Lay it out straight – figure out what you can realistically afford. If you’re bootstrapping, every dime matters. High fives if you’re swimming in VC cash, but if not, no worries, just know your budget constraints.

1.2 Freelancers vs. Full-timers

Freelancers can be your budget-friendly buddies for short gigs. Full-timers? Well, they come with a price tag. Evaluate your project needs and timeline to decide. Usually for MVP (Minimum Viable Product), it’s extremely beneficial to hire freelancers who can do it quickly and at affordable prices.

1.3 Quality vs. Quantity

Sometimes, it’s not about how many dollars you throw; it’s about where you throw them. Quality over quantity, my friend. A skilled developer might cost a bit more, but the results? Worth every penny. However, don’t always assume that those who charge you cheap are of low quality or those who charge you high are high-quality ones; it depends.

For example, a developer from a low-income country such as India might want to work for fewer dollars, as the amount seems cheap to you, being from a high-income country like the US or Canada. There are many such cases, so it’s better to choose a quality developer who knows what they’re doing and understands your requirements thoroughly.

1.4 Location Matters

As I mentioned above, In the world of hiring, where you choose to recruit from can be a financial game-changer. Opting for countries with a lower Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) allows you to stretch your budget, accessing top talent without a hefty price tag. Consider it a savvy move for diversity, innovation, and potential 24-hour productivity. 

While global hiring presents challenges like local law taxes and time zone differences, you can build a dynamic and compliant team that propels your projects forward with the right approach. It’s not just about the location on the map; it’s a strategic step towards a cost-effective, diverse, and high-performing dream team. 

If you plan to hire a remote tech developer, you can start by posting a job on Tech A Job, a Job board focused on remote tech developers.

1.5 Bargain or Regret

Negotiate like a pro, but know when to draw the line. Hiring on the cheap might sound cool until you realize you’ve got a bargain-bin developer. Strike a balance with fair deals for fair skills.

1.6 DIY(Do It Yourself) or Delegate

Are you the DIY type or do you prefer outsourcing the hiring hustle? Agencies can save time but at a cost. If you’re hands-on, go direct. If you can delegate it to a technical co-founder they can evaluate or interview the candidates for Direct or Freelance recruitment instead of going through Agencies. Just remember, time is money.

1.7 Trial and Error

Dip your toes before diving. Consider trial projects or short-term contracts to test the capabilities of the developer and understand their skills and problem-solving. It’s like a budget-friendly rehearsal before the big show.

1.8 Future-Proof Your Finances

Hiring isn’t a one-time splurge; it’s a journey. Plan for the long haul. Can your budget handle the future team you envision? Think ahead to avoid financial speed bumps.

Budget talk doesn’t have to be a headache. It’s a strategic game – spend wisely, plan ahead, and build a dream team without breaking the bank. Your project and your wallet will thank you.

2. Understanding Your Needs Before Making Hires (A Crucial Step)

image depicting the understand of the people and the needs of startups

Before you dive into the hiring, here’s a golden rule: know what you need upfront, many folks figure this out only after they’ve already brought someone on board and then end up regretting the choice. 

So, if you’re not exactly tech-savvy, consider teaming up with a CTO (Chief Technical Officer) or a technical co-founder or if you can’t afford to have someone else onboard it’s best to hire a tech recruiter who understands how hiring takes place and how to evaluate a developer. 

Having someone who gets the ins and outs of tech requirements and knows the right kind of developers needed for a particular project can be the game-changer for your idea needs to become a reality.

Remember Steve Jobs wouldn’t have done it alone if it wasn’t for Steve Wozniak joining with him.

3. Exploring ways to hire

dylan gillis KdeqA3aTnBY unsplash edited

Startups usually look to hire through these 3 ways i.e. through Agencies, Direct Recruitment and Freelance Recruitment. Although there are many ways you can start hiring a developer, these are the ones that are usually what a startup begins with and expands their hiring needs through other ways as they grow.

3.1 Agencies 

Agencies can be instrumental in streamlining the hiring process, especially for temporary or project-based needs. As they save a lot of time in selecting the right candidate for the job, interviewing them, Complying with international labour laws, Salary issues, etc.

Here’s how hiring through agencies can help you:

Expertise and Network

Tech recruitment agencies specialise in identifying and vetting top talent. They often have extensive networks and can quickly connect you with developers possessing the skills your projects demand.

Time Efficiency

Agencies can significantly reduce the time spent on recruitment. With pre-vetted candidates at their disposal, they can present you with a shortlist of qualified individuals, expediting the hiring process.


Ideal for short-term projects or when flexibility is paramount. You can scale your team up or down based on project requirements without the long-term commitment associated with traditional hires (i.e Direct Recruitment).


While agencies offer convenience, their services come at a cost. Be transparent about your budget, and carefully review the terms of engagement to ensure they align with your hiring objectives.

Here’s some suggestion of the agencies through which you can consider hiring:

Short DescriptionExclusive network of top freelance talent in business, design, and technologyAI-driven staffing solutions via a marketplace for remote software developersPlatform that specializes in connecting businesses with top-notch freelance software developers
Key Features1. Top 3% of applicants accepted
2. Rigorous screening process
3. Dedicated account management
1. AI-powered matching
2. Dedicated account management
3. Flexible pricing options
1. Rigorous vetting process
2. User-friendly platform
3. Flexible hiring options
For pricing please enquire them as it depends on the developer you are hiring, project requirements, fees that they charge etc..

3.2 Freelance Platforms

Dive into the world of freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer. where you can find dynamic pool of talent from all over the world awaits to transform your project dreams into reality. These platforms offer a versatile range of skills tailored to your project-specific needs, giving you the flexibility to assemble the perfect team for the contract jobs.

Here’s how to effectively leverage these platforms:

Diverse Skill Sets

These platform hosts a diverse array of developers with different skill sets. This diversity allows you to find specialists for niche projects.


Freelancers often work remotely, there’s often no overhead of funding their visa, insurance, health, travel or such other expenses that you need to take care of for a full-time employee. This flexibility can be particularly advantageous for startups or smaller businesses where each cost cutting matters.

Trial Engagements

You can hire freelance developers for small tasks or projects to assess their skills and compatibility with your team before considering a more long-term commitment with them.

Communication is Key

Clear communication is vital when working with freelancers. Establish expectations, timelines, and deliverables upfront to ensure a smooth collaboration.

Here’s some suggestion of the freelance platform through which you can consider hiring:

Membership FeeFree to join.Free to join.Free to join.
Platform Fees20% for the first $500 billed with a client, 10% for lifetime billings between $500.01 and $10,000, and 5% for lifetime billings over $10,000.Service fees start at $2 and can go up to 10-20% of the total service cost.10% or $5, whichever is greater, on fixed-price projects. For hourly projects, 10% fee is charged to the employer.
User Base32+ million registered freelancers and 18+ million registered clientsOver 11 million registered users65.5+ million freelancers and employers.
Project CategoriesOffers a wide range of job categories.Offers a wide range of job categories.Offers 1800+ job categories.
Payment ProtectionOffers payment protection for hourly and fixed-price jobs.Offers secure payments.Offers secure payments.
Dispute ResolutionAvailableAvailableAvailable
Although some of the service mentioned doesn’t have good reviews it’s mostly related to freelancers or fewer reviews on the trustpilot. I recommend you read others opinion online in forums such as reddit to get better understanding of which platform could help you.

3.3 Direct Recruitment

Directly hiring developers can be a strategic move for long-term team building.

Here’s how to make the most of direct recruitment:

Cultural Fit

Direct recruitment allows you to prioritise cultural fit within your organisation. This is crucial for fostering a cohesive team dynamic and shared values.

Long-Term Commitment

Ideal for businesses looking to build a dedicated, long-term development team. Direct hires are more likely to invest in the success and growth of your company.

In-House Control

Direct recruitment of developers grants you greater control over the entire hiring process, from crafting job descriptions to conducting interviews and negotiating salary and terms.


The process can be time-consuming, and you may encounter a steeper learning curve if you are not well-versed in tech recruitment. Patience and a well-structured hiring plan are essential.

For Hiring directly you can post on popular job board sites such as Linkedin or Indeed, where it’s usually free to post the jobs.


on niche site such our Job Board Tech A Job, it’s maily focuses on tech jobs but remote only so you can find the developers looking for remote jobs lurking around here often than sites like Linkedin. Ultimately the decision is upto you.

We would recommend you post on Linkedin and Indeed, if you couldn’t find a suitable candidate you can post on our site.


Man in Blue Long Sleeve Shirt Gets the Job

In the vast landscape of hiring developers, understanding the nuances of each approach is key to success. Whether partnering with agencies for quick solutions, exploring freelance platforms for project-based needs, or directly recruiting for long-term team building, each avenue offers its own set of advantages and challenges. By strategically blending these approaches, you can assemble a talented and flexible development team that will propel your startup towards its tech goals. Happy hiring!

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